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Wool scouring with a difference

we wash (scour) and card wool from 1kg

traceable - circular - transparent - local and EU - innovative production

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If you have any questions or need your wool cleaned get in touch. 

Thank you for connecting.   We look forward to working with you.

About Us

A snippet of information about what we are doing:


Taking wool waste (raw and recycled wool), processing with over 50% less water, energy, and no chemicals and carding the wool, mapping the right wool for the right industry use - textiles, packaging etc.  Bringing over 20 years of experience in textile production, sourcing, and traceability. 

We provide 3 key areas through services and production:

- Advisory  support - for knowing what to do with your wool or using wool in new applications whether it is packaging, textiles and other uses

- A WOOL processing mill - focus on reduced energy, water, no chemicals, and FULLY CIRCULAR

- Production of a limited range of products for the fashion, packaging, and agriculture sectors 

As an advisor and consultant:

We co-collaborate in creating, advising, and delivering applications and uses for wool across multiple business sectors.

Our clients vary from B2B, B2C and students, designers and crafters. 


Brief background:
Over 20 years of sourcing and buying within the organic, fair trade sectors for food, drink, raw material, textiles, and packaging production.   A key part of this work has been a focus on transparency and traceability which has also included auditing and certification advice. 

Ngaire has also worked on organic and biodynamic farms, including sheep farms as a rouseabout and wool handler. 

we are proud to be a Fibershed Affiliate and head up Fibershed Belgium

We process, source, and advise on wool from sourcing, using, or next life.  Our focus is to challenge present traditional processing methods and deliver innovative methods in picking, scouring, carding, and felting, Reducing the vast waste of water and energy, especially with the increasing costs whilst minimising resources.

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